Our Values

  • We work hard to ensure our students have the best experiences, the best outcomes and the best opportunities.
  • We encourage high standards and expectations from both pupils and staff.
  • We provide a caring environment that successfully nurtures the needs of every member of its community.
  • We inspire and develop lively and enquiring minds and support children in their aspirations.
  • We are an Academy where courtesy, co-operation, enterprise and initiative are paramount.
  • We provide an innovative and energising centre for both pupils and staff.
  • We continue to be at the centre of the local community both as a resource in its services to others and in promoting community cohesion and integration.

Care and Guidance

Students are supported to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of Academy life. A dedicated Pastoral team gives strong individual support and guidance from Early Years through to Post 16. The Academy expects very high standards in attitude and behaviour. Good manners and politeness are the expected norm and are evident in all aspects of the Academy. Our students are encouraged to maintain and develop their high standards of behaviour, attitude, appearance and attendance through an extensive range of rewards.