Year 5 & 6 Transition

13th July 2017


It’s been a very busy time here at Serlby Park Academy in the last few weeks. Y5 pupils from Serlby Park Academy and our Feeder Schools have experienced life at Secondary, the pupils took in part in an African Themed Day where they made their own African masks and sang and danced along to African music! The pupils were very eager to learn and said they’d had a brilliant time.  On 4th until the 6th July Year 6 pupils joined us for their 3 day Induction. Throughout the 3 day event the attitude and behaviour of the pupils was exemplary, the pupils were enthusiastic and tried their very best to participate in all activities on offer.

Food Technology was just one of the many highlights along with Science. The event was extremely valuable in supporting pupils and  parents to minimise any anxieties about the change from Primary to Secondary.

The pupils were extremely excited and wanted to start at Secondary straightaway they couldn’t wait to come back to the Open Evening so they could have a look around. As usual the Y6 pupils didn’t want to go back to their Primary School.