Year 7 Catch up Funding

Year 7 Catch up Funding Impact and Evaluation Report

Academic Year 2015-2016 





The Department for Education allocated £500 per pupil for the number of year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least a level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2. This was based on Key Stage 2 data and the autumn school census.

Amount of Year 7 Catch Up Funding Received 2015-2016 

Number of children who did not achieve a level 4 in reading and/or Mathematics at Key Stage 2


Year 7 Catch up Funding Pupil Allocation


Total Year 7 Catch up Funding Grant (no of child x £500)

£5 000


Catch UP Funding was used in the year 2015/2016 for the following:

  • To close the gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support.
  • To raise the attainment of those students entitled to Catch Up Funding.
  • To enhance existing provision.
  • To utilise an extensive diagnostic testing programme to help identify concerns and target interventions to support progress.
  • To assess, plan, implement and review all interventions to ensure all interventions are impactful.
  • To raise self- esteem and aspirations of students entitled to Catch Up Funding.
  • To ensure parents are involved and informed of their child’s progress at regular intervals throughout the year, as and when appropriate.


 How Catch Up funding was spent in the year 2015-2016


  • Small group classes – intensive interventions with low student to teacher ratio class sizes.
  • Additional Specialist Literacy and Numeracy provision – delivered through the Learning Support Department.
  • Training for specialised Literacy and Numeracy additional support.
  • Homework club – staffed homework clubs available giving small group specialised support.
  • Pastoral support – via the Academy’s pastoral system and through the Pastoral Leaders.
  • 1:1 Literacy and Numeracy interventions.
  • Literacy resources: Ruth Miskin, Catch Up Literacy, Rainbow Reading, Units of Sound.
  • Extra literacy lessons every week – two hours per week additional literacy interventions provided through the Learning Support Department.
  • Reintroduction of the Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) for vulnerable students whose attainment may be affected by a communication need.
  • Handwriting interventions – for vulnerable students whose attainment may be affected due to illegible work.
  • Outreach support to feeder primaries.


Record of Year 7 Catch up Funding Spend 

Item /Project




Additional Specialist Adult Support

£3 500

Raise attainment in Literacy and Numeracy through greater teacher contact

All but one student made expected or greater than expected progress in core subject areas. The remaining student left the academy and has since returned and is following an alternative curriculum package.



Improve reading, comprehension and maths skills

Homework clubs

£1 000

To provide additional support for students with homework issues


£5 000




 Implications for next allocation of Year 7 Catch up Funding


Serlby Park Academy is committed to raising the attainment of ALL students and has a particular focus on disadvantaged students inclusive of those in receipt of Catch Up Funding.

Additional literacy lessons have been introduced for those pupils who did not reach the expected level at the end of key stage two.