Year 11

Learning Manager

Mrs K Bromilow

Form Tutors

11CLE - Mrs C Lee

11RW - Mr R White

Careers Advisors

Mrs H Green

Mrs J Jones

A message to Parents & Carers from Mrs K Bromilow, Learning Manager for Year 11.

We believe that our Class of 2016 has the potential to achieve outstanding results.  We fully appreciate the pressure on Year 11 but we provide as much support as we can, including a timetable of after school revision classes (see below), booster sessions, Saturday morning classes, a weekly Homework Club, together with ongoing support from the Year 11 Pastoral Team. The support we offer runs alongside work in lessons and helps to boost performance. Nothing however, helps students more than regular attendance to lessons where teachers will be focusing on exam preparation and techniques.

Year 11 Team

On the Year 11 Pastoral Team, we have staff who look after and support the Year 11 students Mrs Lee, Mr Kirk and Mr White.  These staff will try to create an environment where the students can discover their potential, are recognised for their achievements and enjoy school life.  We monitor each student’s academic and pastoral welfare, being available to parents by email, phone or to meet at a pre-arranged time in school.

Our mission statement is ‘Transforming Lives Through Education’ and we hope that all Year 11 students will achieve their highest potential by continuing to work as maturely as they have over the last 4 years.

In addition, we are very much aware of the vital role that parents play in the success of our students and we pride ourselves on our strong working relationship between the family, student and the Academy.  We appreciate the need to have a genuine partnership between the Academy and home.  We hope you will support us in encouraging all our learners to take an active part in the life of the school.  If you are a parent or carer of a Year 11 student, please contact the Year 11 Team to discuss any concerns you may have about your child.  

You can email us at or phone on 01302 742535. 


As we are sure you are aware, our aim is for all pupils to achieve their full potential in all of their subjects. We are particularly keen to ensure that all Year 11 pupils have every opportunity to prepare thoroughly for external examinations and complete work to the highest possible standard. We are now offering a detailed programme of after school revision sessions, details of which are enclosed with this letter.

Teachers have planned and will deliver a series of after school revision sessions across the subjects to support students to be well prepared for their exams.  Each revision session provides targeted revision that will improve the performance of students in the exams. 

Students who attend revision sessions in school get better grades.

The sessions have been put in to place to help your child and are offered to pupils of all abilities. 

We hope that you will see our After School Study Programme as a benefit to your child and that you will support us and encourage them to attend all sessions appropriate to them. Please discuss the revision programme with your son/daughter and ensure they attend these sessions; they will achieve more. 

If you require any further clarification or advice please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Bromilow

Week 1











Option 1

English and Maths interventions





Week 2












Option 2

English and Maths interventions

Food Tech


Bus St


National Citizen Scheme

We have links with the National Citizen Scheme and this year a record number of our Year 11 students have signed up to participate. NCS is an amazing opportunity for 16-17 year olds to learn new skills, meet new people and challenge themselves to try things they might never have had the chance to do before.  NCS looks great on CVs and gives young people something that makes them stand out from the crowd in job and University interviews.  They will have access to exclusive opportunities from business, volunteering and charity partners.  For further information, please click here:

Parliamentary Summer School

Each year, 8 of our Year 11 students are selected to participate in a Parliamentary Summer School with our Local MP, John Mann. The event, which is now in its 11th year, sees 40 students from Bassetlaw travel to London for a week. The students have the opportunity to question leading MPs in their own Select Committee hearing and also meet the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow in his official state apartments. They experience Parliament seeing how it works, and visit the leading sporting goods manufacturers Pentland Brands, a privately owned company with an annual turnover of more than $3 billion. They then head over to BBC Broadcasting House to interview Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills on his career before meeting the set of The One Show! Competition for a place on this trip is fierce; please see Mrs Bromilow for more information.

Serlby Park Prom

The end of Year 11 prom is always a big event for our students.  We are currently in the process of organising the Prom.  We are looking forward to the celebration and are sure it will be a great success and a wonderful memory for our students for years to come.