Year 10

Head of Year

Mrs B Stanfield

Tutor Team

10JBU - Miss J Buttery / Mr N Khan / Mr D Pinder

10KPC - Mrs K Peach

10KWI - Miss K Wilson

Year 10 students are cared for in the Academy by their Learning Managers Mrs Sharon Taylor and Mrs Barbara Stanfield and thier team of tutors. The team work together to ensure that each pupil is happy, safe seeking to discover and reach their full potential.

We encourage pupils to do their best and to embrace the many opportunities that school provide both in and out of the classroom. We celebrate achievement whenever possible.

In Year 10 pupils are expected to arrive on time, properly equipped with smart uniform ready to conduct themselves in a positive way at all times.

The Year 10 team appreciate the vital role played by parents and carers, and are happy to discuss any child’s progress, either by telephone or by arrangement in school at a mutually convenient time. Alternatively, we can arrange for our Home Liaison Officer Mrs Sarah Jowett to make a home visit.

e-mail or phone us on 01302 742535.