Student Leadership


In Year 13 all students are expected to undertake a break duty.  Students are given a small reward for each duty they undertake.  The Academy feels that this activity helps to develop the maturity of students and allows them to be seen by the rest of the pupils as a role model.


During Year 12 Students make a contribution to school life.  This can include:

Providing support in registration groups

Peer reading

Helping out in a subject area

Helping out at the Primary site


Head Boy/Girl

Each year a Head Boy/Girl and a Deputies are appointed from the Post 16 students.

The decision is based upon choices made from a list of nominees by Post 16 students and senior staff.

Senior students are expected to be role models for other students and pupils and be an ambassador for the Academy.  This involves taking part in Open Evenings and Presentation Evening.

In addition they usually take a lead role in organising charity events such as the ‘Children in Need’ day.